Why bother?

Jackie Chalarca is a bumbling impostor and anti-social horror who has tormented and humiliated most of her underlings.

Her subjects are so miserable they are crying, filing complaints to HR (utterly pointless), and some, so fed-up, have resigned. “My job is not to make you happy" says she. Golf clap - job done.

The staff are bewildered. Many are now suffering with a rare offshoot of Stockholm Syndrome and have permanently affixed their lips to her buttocks in a futile attempt to avoid vituperation.

Forced attendance to the “Me, Me, Look at Me Show” and enduring endless bloviating about nothing important, or even relevant, under the pretense of hanging on every word should be a violation of the Geneva Convention.

Her incessant blundering is a gigantic zit on the hospital’s face. It will eventually burst on its own but why not give it a little extra squeeze? Few things feel as good.