State of the Union: An enormity

Post invasion and nineteen months in the sewer:

  • Employee erosion:
Period Vacated
4/2022 - 11/2023 > 36
8/2020 - 3/2022 < 10
12/2018 - 7/2020 < 4
  • This Website: Jackie discovered this website, provided free advertising, and shouted from the rooftops that it has helped her achieve her goals. She’s welcome. She also said the “higher-ups” (an obnoxious term that no serious person should use) and Cyber Security are keeping an eye on it. Good - I hope they are enjoying it.
  • Data abdication: At great expense, she exiled and imprisoned once local data behind gatekeepers and paywalls at flagitious companies, castrating control of our systems.
  • Prozac Nation: At least one person was admitted to hospital with panic attacks and depression. Spend a few minutes observing her subjects in meetings; dead-eyed, confused, resigned, obsequious…
  • Liar Liar: Pathological and demented, her lying is indiscriminate and limitless e.g., “Don’t worry about the restructuring, nothing is going to change in your job and no one is being fired.” That’s like Saddam Hussein saying during the Ba’ath Party Purge that no one will be killed.
  • Divide and fail: Now everyone hates almost everyone. It’s always been “catty,” but now it’s apocalyptic.
  • The restructuring: A euphemism for the New Map of Hell.

The restructuring in a nutshell: Jackie guilelessly moved rocks from one end of the garden to the other, peeled off old labels, slapped on some new, grew tired and threw the remaining stragglers over the fence. A stunning achievement.

The bosses are overjoyed with this brilliancy; the rocks were previously over there with yellow labels, now they are all the way over here with blue labels - how does she do it?

As a leader, Jackie is to her team as the plough is to Mrs. Frisby. As for the team’s expectations, she outdid herself.