Hire the liar

Jackie, in usual Jackie style, so ruthlessly bullied the Director of HIM they went to the ER due to stress and ultimately resigned. It was unnaturally disgusting. But, naturally, Jackie needed an appropriate replacement.

The two finalists: Number 1 was so skilled and articulate it magnified the irrelevancy of Jackie’s job, disqualifying them immediately. Number 2 is a current employee, farcically unqualified, who flagrantly lied on their resumé.

What did Jackie do to Number 2 upon hearing the news? Fire them for lying on their application? Cut them from the shortlist? No, her demented response was to forbid the interviewers from asking about it and said she would “have a talk with them” about rewording it. She then hired Number 2. Or a Number 2 - however you want to look at it. Jesus Christ!

Obviously, this process was all for show: It’s only important that it looks like it wasn’t a foregone conclusion. Now, it doesn’t.

Take the shame, Jackie. You earned it.