Knowingly accepted a falsified job application

Conduct guideline - Section V, Part C:

You are not permitted to falsify or misrepresent your application for employment.

Jackie knowingly and provably hired an applicant who falsified their job application.

Usually, at every other company in the nation, if an applicant is caught lying on their application they are dismissed from the hiring pool or, if they are caught after being hired, terminated.

Not Jackie! Ignoring convention, and company policy, she did the opposite and hired them anyway because she knows, just to give an example, she would have to walk into a board meeting, defecate on the conference table and give everyone “the bird” in order to be fired or reprimanded.

The applicant blundered needlessly (they would’ve been hired anyway) and should have been removed as a contender but that’s as far as I’ll speculate. After all, she’s been chalarcad like all the others. Punishment enough.

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