You are the type

Who is she to say what “type” I am?

During a mandatory ear-pulling session under the guise of slate clearing, a team member was told not only that they were the “type” (what did Jackie mean by “type"?) to always have the last word but also closed-minded, among many other things.

Jackie spent almost 50 minutes “apologizing” in this way and gave the poor soul only a couple of minutes to defend their character.

Why were they forced to defend their character and not their work, which has been questioned (attacked?), seemingly endlessly since Jackie’s blunderous hiring, and been accepted as exemplary? This was in the presence of the team member’s director who can corroborate this appalling behavior.

It was a “punch and run” by yet another under-skilled, phony, and witless executive at the hospital. An all too familiar pattern of mismanagement and non-leadership.

If a transcript of the meeting was leaked to the bosses it would be seen as nothing but an ugly abuse of power requiring…who knows? We do know it was a disgusting display of social and professional ineptitude.

What has been done? Nothing. Shoulders shrugged.