Too young, too inexperienced

A rare example of Jackie making everyone feel welcome, free to generate ideas etc. during a “meeting.” What nonsense do I speak of?

During a meeting today Jackie told [me] that I am too young and inexperienced [to understand].

Nice bit of rudeness, ageism, and humiliation. Well done, Jackie.

She really is completely clueless and disappointing, and not at all someone I would want to work for nor emulate. A walking contradiction. Her blatant abuse of power and disregard for anything beyond herself is disgusting.

She may say that those of us who speak out against her BS are “too sensitive” but that’s not at all the case. We speak out because we refuse to accept the abuse (and I damn sure won’t stand by and let my team take it, either).

I so care about what I do and the people I work with. I want to have a positive impact on projects, processes, and people. People with her mentality and mindset are what’s wrong with our world.

A clear speaker, clear writer, and clear thinker…the antidote to CHALARCA-666.