If it ain't broke

We needed a new system last year (2022) because our existing one was unreliable and it constantly crashed. We replaced it with a new one and, although it was a bit clunky, it worked pretty good for our needs.

So what’s the problem?

Jackie then met with [a vendor] and asked them to build a system to replace our internal one, and told us to immediately stop using it, leaving us high and dry. Why would she do this?

Because it looks like she’s accomplishing something. Reason and logic be damned!

It’s been months and the deadline for the new system which was set for early summer (2023) has long passed.

Remember Jackie’s quip about missed deadlines?

It’s now fall and we still don’t have the new system. We are only just now testing it. Our team has been screwed for months. We have all had just about enough of her bullshit and we are fed up being stressed-out all the time.

If it ain’t broke, Jackie will fix it. And for the pain caused, she will receive the Medal of Honor. And so it goes.

Take solace that your savior from Jackie’s bureaucracy is her inefficiency.